football analytics
video-based solution for
No wearable devices
A cost-effective all-in-one solution
Our platform integrates all football data and insights
Fitness & Tactical Data
Discover every aspect of player performance, from speed to offensive actions, from defensive maneuvers to ball possession, all accurately analyzed and displayed in one place. Get a glimpse of the player's complete statistics with an avatar.
Trainings Efficiency
Training takes up to 95% of a football player's time. By automatically collecting all training data and performance analytics, we enable coaches and trainers to tailor their approach to maximize efficiency.
Active actions and movements are automatically visualized in the platform through heat maps and dashdoards. Using BIGBRO AI, you can see insightful visualizations of what players are good at, and what they need to work on. For example, you can see pass accuracy statistics of your central midfielder.
Highlights & Dashboards
We empower teams & managers to achieve great sport and financial success through valuable insights and data-driven decisions.
A convenient way to accumulate statistics on fitness and performance
Save analysts’ time by automatically creating highlights based on specified parameters
Increase the probability of player success through tracking
Clubs & Academies
Produce media content
Attract partners and advertisers
Increase the probability of player success through tracking
Give participants an advantage over other competitors with analytics and content
Made for
Leagues & Tournaments
the Football World
How it works
Any camera created for sports events shooting is enough to use BIGBRO AI solution. If you have such cameras - you don’t need to buy anything. If you don’t have any cameras - you can buy it from one of our partners.
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