Bill Hewlett
You can't manage what you can't measu
 — the computer vision solution for traditional amuteur team sports.
Stats and replays just like in esports.
But in real world
key feature
Detailed team and player performance in a single match
Personal statistics, comparison with other players
Dynamics traction
Personal profile
Highlight of critical moments and actions of an individual player
how to use
Team manager scans the QR-code to get stats on match
Scan QR to start
Сameras installetions on a pitch
Our team installs equipment on a pitch
Get stats
Players and the coach go to their personal account and get the match data there
Pricing for teams
free trial for 5 min video
10 $ for 1 hour of 2-cam video
20% commission for each sale
Reward for pitch owners
FC Meteor
Igor Fomich
The system allows to analyze the progress of development of football skills in children. Helps a lot in preparation for training.
Petr Shubin
Football Player
Track my performance statistics and statistics of teammates in the amateur football league
Alexey Menshenin
MIREA Football league
Use system for our students league. Greatly increased the involvement of participants
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